Throughout his career, Dr. Gaind has worked in diverse areas to maximize his ability to influence change.  In addition to working in a hospital setting as a psycho-oncology consultant and now chief of department, he has held numerous key leadership positions in provincial and national medical associations. The University of Toronto has been his academic home for nearly two decades, from undergraduate through to medical school and postgraduate studies, and subsequent progession through academic appointments. Dr. Gaind has also maintained a community-based psychiatric practice.

While physicians have traditionally developed in one of these areas or another, Dr.Gaind has always held the view that effective leadership requires a blend of skills and insights across domains.  As he says, "Just as the best patient care does not occur in silos, the best advocacy and health policy development should not occur in silos - it should be thoughtful, recognize administrative and practical realities, leverage excellent leadership skills, and always be clinically relevant for our patients needing care."

By bridging the gap between traditional silos to influence health policies that improve care for the mentally ill, and working collaboratively with a range of health professionals and policy makers, Dr. Gaind has successfully influenced significant positive changes in mental health policies for the mentally ill and mental health providers.

In 2014, Dr. Gaind was honoured to be elected by his peers as President-Elect of the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA), and assumed Presidency of the national association in October 2015.

During my terms as Board member and President of the CPA, I got to know, work with and greatly admire Dr. Sonu Gaind. Sonu brings high energy and dedication to all the tasks he takes on. In approaching problems, even long-standing ones, he is a clear thinker, seeking to develop a clear understanding, and then bring a fresh perspective. He has a track record of saying what needs to be said in a clear yet respectful manner. He has had many successes in organizational affairs, and not only shown personal charm and warmth, but also the ability to structure and motivate an effective team of colleagues.
— Dr. Donald Milliken, Past-President Canadian Psychiatric Association
I have known Sonu for over 15 years. He has been a very active member of the OMA Section on Psychiatry Executive and delegate to OMA council. He has been and still is a very effective Medical Practice and Tariff Chair who has worked tirelessly and successfully to get increased resources for psychiatric services in Ontario. He has also been elected by his peers to the Board and Executive of the CPA. He is articulate and hard working, and will do a great job as CPA president.
— Dr. Rayudu Koka, Chair of Psychiatry, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Sudbury; Past-Chair, OMA Section on Psychiatry